Treatment Styles

Creative Art Therapy is the use of creative mediums (dance, art making, theater, music, story telling) to access and express our personal feelings and stories. This approach allows one to communicate and connect to their experience with out words, develop insights and meaning and apply these observations to find creative solutions towards integration and wholeness.

Counseling and Psychotherapy is at the root of all of the treatment styles we offer. We pride ourselves on our compassionate, strength based, client centered educational approach to foster safety and exploration to help you identify what is at the root of your inner conflicts, patterns and beliefs. From there we work together to identify new patterns and beliefs and stronger sense of self.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, is a therapy approach that identifies the relationship between thoughts, behaviors and actions. By examining and then changing what you are thinking and doing we can effect how you will respond in your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Play therapy provides a space for children to express themselves and share their story. Engaging in play fosters communication, connection and trust between the therapist and the child and provides a medium for a child to express the challenges they are facing: old stories, patterns, beliefs and behaviors that are negative or frustrating to them. With the support of a compassionate therapist children can use the play to address their challenges and form new ideas and outcomes and cultivate inner strength and resiliency.

Sand Tray, sandbox or sand play therapy is a form of experiential therapy that allows greater exploration of unconscious emotional issues. The sand tray and a collection of miniatures are used to engage in an expressive and creative process that allows individuals access to deeper parts of themselves. Sand tray therapy is suitable for children and adults and allows them to reach deeper insight into a range of issues.

Attachment Therapy supports a the client in developing healthy attachments. When working with adults this is solely done in the the therapeutic relationship. When working with children parents and caregivers are involved. When healthy bonds are formed in a relationship the client is able to relate to themselves and others more effectively. This informs their ability to have a sense of security and trust in their relationships and with the world in general.

Mindfulness and a focus on the mind, brain and body incorporates psych education, tools and techniques to support the client in developing new practices to help them have more awareness and influence on their emotional and physical experience of their mind and body.